Customer Testimonials

What do our customers have to say?

“We are very loyal customers of Air Link Mechanical and will continue to recommend their quality services to our family, friends and, quite frankly, to anyone who will listen. Let me explain why … Prior to meeting the owner at a mutual friend’s house, we struggled with an air conditioning system that failed to cool or heat our home comfortably during the seasons. It was very frustrating. We sought out professional maintenance services from a couple of different well respected companies in our local area and had spent big bucks in repairs, but with no long term success. As a result, we were seriously contemplating replacing the unit, which would be a very costly expense. Upon meeting Dave, he told us he would stop by and see what he could do. To our surprise, he immediately diagnosed a Freon leak and rebuilt the entire system for pennies on the dollar that it would have cost us to replace the unit. That was several years ago, and the system is still operating like new and we are very happy… and to say the least a HUGE FAN of Air Link Mechanical!”
Sincerely, Linda Stork Port Orange, Florida
“Being away from home for 2 months, my wife had just gotten out of the hospital when we realized our AC had quit working. We contacted Air Link Mechanical and they immediately came out and found the problem. Unfortunately our 22 year old unit was shot. Diane was very helpful in helping us with our home insurance company and within 4 days we had a new unit inside and out. The guys that came were so professional and friendly and had our unit replaced in 4 hours. David was very helpful in explaining everything that they were doing and showing us how the new unit worked and helped us program the thermostat. After they were done you couldn’t even tell they had been in our home. No mess, no fuss and a brand new, nice and cold AC unit inside and out. It has been a year and I just got a call from Diane asking if we were ready for our yearly check up! Now that, is what I call great service! Thank you Air Link Mechanical for letting us know that there are still honest, hard working, good and dependable companies out there! You guys are the best.”
M. Neals Port Orange, FL
Dave and Diane are great! They’re super honest people and a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for someone to repair your air conditioning unit in Port Orange, Air Link Mechanical is the best you’ll find!.
S. Seidenberg Port Orange, FL
Great company! David and Diane are very honest. There email employees David and Derric are very knowledgeable. I will be calling them back for repairs.
J. Charter Port Orange, FL
We’ve been doing business with Air Link Mechanical for years. Wonderful family based business you can trust. Dependable, honest, and always there (especially when our air went out over the holiday weekend). You’re treated like family and that’s not easy to find in a business these days. Thank you Air Link for your awesome ways of doing business!
S. Rappisi Port Orange, FL
We’re so grateful we have Air Link Mechanical on our home-care team! Upon installation of a second AC unit purchased from them (upgrades/new units in 15 year old home), they found a mold incident that we had to have solved. They helped walk us through the process and got everything ready for the “disaster recovery” team to take over. Then (three months later…mold mediation is a horror!…no fault of Air Link however) when we were ready to complete the AC installation, they picked right up where they’d left off and finished the job without any hiccups or hitches. Dave, Ken and Diane are professional and dependable and I couldn’t be happier to have had them help improve our home.”
J. Noble NSB, FL